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With the cost of Athletic Programs and other School Activities skyrocketing it has become more and more important to find other ways to raise money to help fund various School programs. In searching for new ways to help Schools and their fans do the important job of Fundraising, Heaton Outdoor Products has initiated some specific school programs, as well as re-vamped some traditional methods in order to help Schools raise money.

The popularity and fan base for School Athletics has been growing at a rapid pace. Average attendance for High School football games is now in the thousands. School colors and Logo -wear are almost mandatory as part of the game day support ritual.

It has been estimated that there are over 45 million College football fans, the High School number is far greater!

Whether it is tailgating or a backyard game day party, what goes better with any sports event than a Barbecue?

One of Heaton's concepts is to reward donors and contributors by offering special deals on the most unique All in One Barbecue, Smoker and Grill on the market, The Comet Kamado. These Grills will be finished in the Schools colors and also include the Schools logo.

We also offer a Premium Line of BBQ Rubs, Seasonings and Sauces, all with labels branded for the School.

Heaton also offers several other unique BBQ Products as part of the overall program.






 1) DIRECT SALES -   Instead of candy and raffle sales once a year,                    

       students can sell BBQ Rubs/Sauces branded with the labels for

     the School to their families, friends and neighbors.  Our proven line-up of Premium

     Rubs, Seasonings and Sauces will create long time fans and be a continual revenue

     source with reorders.

2) WEBSITE & STORE SALES: Every School has a website and/or a store

      that can sell the exact same products and more!

3) HEATON WEBSITE: Heaton has been in the BBQ Business for over 45  

     years. We offer everything BBQ, from A to Z. Using the particular code

     given for that School, any fan can order from the Heaton website, get

     the School discount and the School will receive a rebate from each sale.

4) VARIOUS CONTESTS: Schools can sponsor sales contest for the

    students, and even give big donors and sponsors free products.


 For more information contact us at:


1800 Goetz Road, Ste A

PO Box 578

Perris, Ca 92570



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