About Us

Heaton is the culmination of over 40 years of providing consumers with the highest quality and innovative BBQ products for all your outdoor grilling and other home product needs.

We have been the industry innovator and leader for methods of starting charcoal during all that time. We pioneered the first electric charcoal starter over 40 years ago and have been Americas #1 producer ever since.

Today we are the only United States company actually manufacturing electric and chimney style charcoal starters right here in the good ole USA.

We were the first company to recieve industry certifications - U.L., CSA, VDE, and CE for all our various electric charcoal starters. We worked to establish the testing standards for electric charcoal starters with those testing laboratories.

SO! the HEAT is ON for Heaton Outdoor Products to continue to provide consumers with the safest, fastest, most reliable and inexpensive charcoal starters and outdoor products.

Our very unique Lift-Off Charcoal Chimney Style Starter has the industries safest feature. The hot coals fall out through the bottom when the bucket is lifted up off the grill. This pevents hot, dangerous coals and ashes from splashing out over the top which can happen with all other chimney starters.

An added plus - Heaton charcoal starters are all as ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE as you can get. Starter fluids are never used nor needed to start your BBQ fire - just any one of Heaton's various charcoal starters.

Our recognized performancce, quality and service are all standard trademarks of Heaton Outdoor Products.

Heaton also offers a wide variety of other barbecue accessories under our-                                              Grillers Choice, Meteor Barbecueware and RockNRoll Barbecueware brands.

Our innovative Home Products include consumer favorites like our: Super Electric Freezer Defroster, the Smokeless Indoor Electric Hibachi, as well as a complete line of popular Industrial and Commercial cleaning Products under our Pirates Gold brand.