Heaton Outdoor Products has built a strong reputation of presenting the finest quiality products at the most competitive prices packaged with the highest customer service satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in the value and quality of our products, and will ensure your enjoyment by backing it up with a superior warranty. 

We have been Americas #1 manufacturer of Electric Charcoal Starters for over 40 years. Our product line during those years has grown to include Everything BBQ and more. We are known for our catch phrase "WE MAKE IT EASY - YOU MAKE IT DELICIOUS".

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Featured products

12”x 12” With Handles Non-Stick

A Non-Stick 12"x 12" Wire Mesh Grill Topper. Non-Stick

Cherry Chips 1.7 Cu Ft Bag

Cherry Cooking Wood Chips 180 cu in (2 lbs)

Heaton Outdoor Products Indoor Electric Grill

Bring Outdoor Cooking Indoors. Indoor or Outdoor Electric Hibachi.


Great for the Holidays as well as during the year.

M-200 Kettle-Type U.L. 8’ Length 120 Volts 600 Watts

Kettle/Smoker Type Electric Charcoal Starter. Made In The U.S.A.


Round Tumble Basket for Spits

Flat Spit Basket

Holds food in place without piercing or puncturing so juices are held in.